Japanese Edo period woodblock print depicting Shikamatsu Kanroku Yukishige wringing water from his sleeve from the series “Stories of the Faithful Samurai” published by Ebiya Rinnosuke in 1847. The print is signed at the lower right Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi Ga (1797-1861). The red Yoshi Kiri seal is beneath the signature.

The series features each of the historical forty-seven ronin (masterless samurai) who avenged the death of their lord in 18th century Japan. In this image, Kanroku is expressing grief over the suicide of his mother. The water dripping from his sleeve represents tears. Very good color and overall condition. This print is illustrated and described as plate 1.5 in “Kuniyoshi: The Faithful Samurai” by David R. Weinberg, Hotei Publishing, Leiden, 2000.


Length 36.7cm
Width 25.4cm