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Myochin Tsuba

Iron tsuba with unusual flower petal shape. Beautiful silky patina. Signed Myochin Sandaime. Edo period. Lovely dark patina. The photos make the tsuba look brown, however it is a nice deep black colour.

8.1cm x 7.5cm x 0.35cm

Price: US $1,000, including worldwide shipping


Katchushi Tsuba

A stunning Katsushi Tsuba with design of Buddhist Wheel. Muromachi period. Very large example in wonderful condition. Remnants of lacquer on the front.

8.4cm x 8.4cm x 0.3cm

Price: US$ 2,000 including worldwide shipping.


Echizen Kinai Tsuba

A classic Echizen Kinai design of aoi leaves with gold highlights. Perfect for anyone looking for a representative example from the Echizen Kinai school. Very good condition. Edo period.

6.8cm x 6.6cm x 0.4cm

Price: US $500, including worldwide shipping.


Kyo Sukashi Tsuba

Kyo-Sukashi tsuba with design of Musashi-no (Musashi plains), Bird and Abumi (riding stirrups). Mumei. Early Edo period. This piece has been in my collection for over 20 years. Musashi-no lies to the south west of the Kanto district (close to present day Tokyo). Throughout the centuries many poems have been written which describe the view. It is believed that the combination of Musashi-no and Abumi is designed to honour the fallen Samurai and their horses which would have littered the Musashi plains during the many centries of civil war in Japan.

Unlike most Kyo-Sukashi tsuba which are round, this particular example is nade-kaku-gata shaped (square with rounded corners). The deep chisel marks around the nakago-ana could indicate the work of a specific tsuba artist or koshirae fitting shop in or around Kyoto. There is a very similar tsuba on Jim Gilbert’s website., which show the Musashi-no design and the diagonal chisel marks around the nakago-ana. Perhaps these are both by the same hand? Another similar example can be found on page 68 of Masayuki Sasano’s book “Early Japanese Sword Guards: Sukashi Tsuba”.

6.2cm x 5.8cm x 0.55cm

Price: US $750 including worldwide shipping.